The maker of SensatioNail creates Fuse Gelnamel

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. — Pacific World, the maker of SensatioNail at-home gel polish, has unveiled the new Fuse Gelnamel — the next generation in nail color that brings together the best of polish and the best of gel.

The new Fuse Gelnamel features an all-in-one formula that delivers one-coat coverage from start to finish and a proprietary anti-chip technology that promises to provide megawatt shine that lasts, the company stated.

"Our high-powered, ultra-portable LED lamp allows nails to be done virtually anywhere. With the simple press of a button, the reflective interior cures Gelnamel in 30 seconds, while the groove on the inside promises proper placement under the LED bulb. It's affordable and so simple, you'll nail it and love it,” Melissa Kahane, Fuse senior marketing manager, said.

Fuse Gelnamel launches with six Starter Kits. Each kit contains the patent-pending Fuse LED Lamp, one Gelnamel shade, cleanser, manicure stick and nail buffer. The initial color line includes 12 shades.

Fuse can also be used on toes by lifting and removing the top portion of lamp and following the normal usage instructions.

To remove, use 100% acetone with the SensatioNail Gel Polish Removal Kit and Gel Polish Removal Tool.

Beginning January 2014, Fuse Starter Kits and individual Gelnamel colors will be available for $29.99 and $9.99, respectively, as well as the cleanser and wipe refill kit for $6.50.


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