Magnacca's role at WAG expands

Will continue leading Duane Reade integration

DEERFIELD, Ill. — Walgreens has expanded Joseph Magnacca's role at the drug store chain by appointing him president of daily living products and solutions.

In this capacity, Magnacca — the former Shoppers Drug Mart vet, who as chief merchant of Duane Reade proved instrumental reinvention of New York City's homegrown drug chain, converting the stores to the talk of the industry behind a series of major enhancements — will oversee Walgreens' marketing and merchandising operations, led by chief marketing officer Kim Feil and chief merchandising officer Bryan Pugh. Magnacca's expanded role will unite the aforementioned operations to help enhance and carry out the company’s strategy to be America’s first choice for health and daily living.

Feil and Pugh also will help with Walgreens' transformation to better cater to the evolving needs of its customers and patients.

Meanwhile, Magnacca, who now reports directly to Walgreens president and CEO Greg Wasson, will continue to lead the integration of the Duane Reade drug stores, Walgreens noted.

“We are bringing together and raising the profile of one of the strongest teams in retail to lead our marketing and merchandising efforts and enhance our daily living products business, much as we have already enhanced our pharmacy, health-and-wellness services and solutions business,” Wasson said.

“Joe’s exceptional strategic market focus, combined with the leadership, experience and expertise that Kim and Bryan have brought to our marketing and merchandising operations, means we are now better positioned than ever to meet the daily living needs of our customers," Wasson added. "In addition, the creative innovations and improvements that Joe brought to Duane Reade will now benefit and be extended across our entire organization.”

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