MagicBulb is coming to the United States

DALLAS A lightbulb that stays illuminated for three hours without electricity has arrived in the United States.


MagicBulb, developed in Norway by LED Electronics, is boasted as being the world's first and only rechargeable light bulb.



"MagicBulb is an award-winning, patented LED light bulb that has taken off overseas and is now making its grand entrance into the U.S. market," said Ron Yiu, marketing director for LED International U.S., a division of the Norway-based LED Electronics International AS that developed MagicBulb. "MagicBulb is impressive, mainly because it is extremely green, pays for itself many times over and can be used in the event of a power outage, when it instantly turns into an emergency, portable light and operates as such for hours," Yiu added.



MagicBulb products carry a price range of $25 to $60.


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