Maddak introduces Keep-Warm Dish for elderly

PEQUANNOCK, N.J. Maddak, a manufacturer of assistive devices, clinical modalities, home healthcare and rehabilitation products for the disability, rehab and senior markets, recently announced the availability its newest design, the Keep-Warm Dish.

Designed for people who need more time to finish a meal, such as the elderly and infirm, the bowl simply has users fill an inside chamber with hot water and the heat emanates through the bowl to keep food warm longer. The Keep-Warm dish comes with a plastic funnel to fill the water chamber. It’s dishwasher safe, the company says, and Maddak stresses that the added weight from the water also helps reduce spilling accidents.

The bowl weighs 2 lbs. when filled and holds 22 oz. of food. Its suggested retail price is $18.50 and it’s available at many pharmacies and home care retail centers.

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