Luna line offers deep dermal cleansing

Foreo’s Luna skin care device

STOCKHOLM — With its range of Luna skin care devices that promise to offer a completely new approach to skin care, Swedish brand Foreo is making waves in the beauty device market.

The brand’s buzz comes from 10 years of research through a multidisciplinary collaboration between specialists at the Foreo institute, in which a breakthrough of smooth silicone touch points and T-Sonic was born. The first skin care brand on the market to adopt this concept, Foreo’s collection of Luna devices use a range of high-and low-frequency T-Sonic waves that pulsate deeply across the dermal layer of the skin to cleanse deeply yet gently, the company stated.

There’s also a Luna for men. Designed specifically for a man’s oiler skin, this take on Luna promises a closer shave after one minute of use, while driving out the skin’s impurities to help prevent razor burn, the company stated.

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