LTR call from Walgreens pharmacists help improve adherence by 23%

DEERFIELD, Ill. – A recent Walgreens study of pharmacy patients enrolled in Medicare Prescription Drug Plans found that patients who were late to refill prescriptions and who received reminder calls from local Walgreens pharmacists demonstrated nearly 23% greater adherence within the first 14 days of the expected refill date. 

“Improving medication adherence is critical to controlling most medical conditions – and for many medical conditions, enhancing adherence can also reduce hospitalizations and related medical costs,” stated Harry Leider, chief medical officer, Walgreens. “This research provides further evidence of the positive impact we can have through targeted initiatives, such as the late-to-refill program, to help make our patients healthier and happier.”

"Improving medication adherence is critical to controlling most medical conditions.”

Those receiving late-to-refill reminder calls (LTR calls) also had greater adherence rates over a one-year period. Results of the study were recently published online in Patient Preference & Adherence.
The study found that for Medicare Part D patients who exhibited non-adherent behavior – defined as not refilling at least three days prior to an expected refill date – an LTR reminder call increased the number of adherent patients by approximately 3%. This incremental improvement in patient adherence can serve to benefit Medicare Part D plans, and help improve star ratings and their associated cost savings, Leider noted.


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