Love is in the air with candies from Just Born

BETHLEHEM, Pa. — Just Born wants fans of its Peeps, Mike and Ike, and Hot Tamales brands to feel the love this Valentine's Day.

Peeps is getting a Valentine's Day makeover with Peeps chocolate-covered-raspberry-flavored marshmallow hearts, available in single-serve packages.

“We have covered our Peeps marshmallow in chocolate to create a blissful treat for Peeps fans and chocolate lovers alike. We know that the sweet sensation of new Peeps chocolate-covered-raspberry hearts is going to have people longing for more,” said Peeps brand assistant Aubrecia Cooper.

The chocolate-covered marshmallows are available in milk and dark chocolate varieties.

Just Born also rolled out two new products for its Mike and Ike and Hot Tamales brands: Mike and Ike Passion Mix and new Hot Tamales Untamed Love Mix. The Passion Mix is a delicious blend of fruit flavors offering a sweet blend for that special someone, and the Untamed Love Mix will set their hearts aflame. Both mixes are available in 6-oz. theater boxes.

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