Lornamead announces winners in model contest

STAMFORD, Conn. Lornamead, the parent company of Finesse hair care products, has announced the winning contestants of its national Finesse Lifestyles Model Contest.

The contest, benefiting Locks of Love charity, launched in July 2006 and ran for about one year. Nearly 1,000 women entered throughout the duration of the contest.

Contestants were invited to submit to the contest Web site “before and after” photos that demonstrate their changing hair styles over the years. In addition, finalists were asked to write a short narrative describing their changing hair styles and to respond to the question, “Why would you be the perfect Finesse Lifestyles Models?”

Through public voting on the site, as well as judging by a bank of professionals, five females were selected as models for upcoming Finesse ads.

The five winners are:

  • Aanyha Slaughter, a nurse from Hawthorne, Calif.
  • Patty Nalepa, a mother of three and community volunteer in Hinsdale, Ill.
  • Sharon Flynn Clarke, who currently lives in Richmond, Va.
  • Jacquelyn Smith Allen, a teacher and mother who lives in Athens, Ala.
  • Kelli Marine of Corona, Calif.

The winners gathered in New York City on Aug. 1 for a daylong session with fashion photographer Heratch. Photos can be viewed online at www.finessehaircare.com.

Lornamead partnered with Locks of Love during the contest, looking to raise funds for the charity in its mission to provide free, natural hair pieces to disadvantaged children suffering from long-term hair loss.

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