L'Oreal Paris gets youthful

NEW YORK L'Oreal Paris is looking to crack the genetic code to younger-acting skin with the January 2011 launch of its new Youth Code skin care collection.

Backed by 10 years of gene research that's internationally patented, the beauty company is bringing to mass what it describes as "the most scientifically advanced topical anti-aging treatment." The collection includes four new products that are formulated based on the knowledge from gene science, and has been shown to energize the repair gene expression, enhance the skin's capacity for recovery and unveil younger-acting skin, the company stated.

Formulated with biolysat, adenosine and enhanced with peptides, L'Oreal Paris Youth Code GenActiv technology is designed to target the repair gene and enhances its ability to regenerate under stress. Biolysat works to enhance the expression of the repair gene while adenosine, a molecule that is naturally found in skin cells' DNA, acts as an anti-wrinkle ingredient.


The collection includes:

  • Youth Code serum intense ($24.99);
  • Youth Code SPF 30 day lotion ($24.99);
  • Youth Code day/night cream ($24.99); and
  • Youth Code eye cream ($24.99).

There's also the Youth Code Clinical Strength starter kit — which includes 1 fl. oz. of Youth Code SPF 30 day lotion, 0.5 fl. oz. Youth Code day/night cream and 0.33 fl. oz. Youth Code eye cream — priced at $34.99.


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