Local Price Chopper earns GreenChill award

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. A Price Chopper supermarket located in Warwick, N.Y., has been awarded the Environmental Protection Agency’s GreenChill silver-level certification award for streamlining/reducing the use of refrigerants in its continuing efforts of environmental stewardship.

“As part of our overall environmental strategy, we have made a commitment to reduce refrigerant emissions that in turn reduce greenhouse gases,” said Bill Sweet, Price Chopper’s VP engineering and construction at Price Chopper, which operates more than 100 supermarkets and is owned and operated by the Golub Corp.

GreenChill is a voluntary program designed to reduce the use of ozone-depleting refrigerants in grocery stores across the county. The GreenChill store certification awards program recognizes retail stores that achieve at least a 50% reduction in refrigerant charge and a 75% reduction in refrigerant emissions.

In 2009, a Price Chopper store located in Colonie, N.Y., was awarded the EPA’s GreenChill Best GreenChill certified store, the highest level of GreenChill gold-level certification ever achieved by a supermarket retailer.

The store uses the most environmentally friendly refrigeration system; it runs on just 282 pounds of refrigerant in total (just ? pound of refrigerant per 1000 BTUs per hour) and its refrigerant leak rate is predicted to be less than 1% throughout the life of the equipment.

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