LiveWire launches three new energy chews

ANAHEIM, Calif. — LiveWire Energy on Tuesday announced the line extension of its energy chews with three new flavors: cinnamon fire, sour apple and dark roast coffee. LiveWire Energy chews are a portable and pocket-sized alternative to energy drinks or shots.

“The energy products category is estimated to grow to more than $19.7 billion by 2013," stated Bill Hodson, LiveWire CEO. "Within that sector, there is an evolution taking place. Consumers that embraced energy drinks and supplements are looking for an energy boost that is more convenient and less expensive. … With our chews, there is no need for refrigeration; they taste great, and at about 50 cents a piece, they are the best value on the market today.”

LiveWire Energy chews are made from a proprietary blend of B vitamins and taurine (an organic amino acid), ginseng and caffeine in a format that is low in sugar, calories and carbohydrates.

The three new flavors will be available for purchase in October. Suggested retail price for a two-piece package is $1.19, and an eight-piece matchbox is $3.99. Additional sizes and packaging are available, the company reported.

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