Little Hug Fruit Barrels embraces new flavors, packaging

PITTSBURGH — American Beverage has reformulated its Little Hug Fruit Barrels beverage line for kids.

The drinks now tout just 10 calories and have been fortified with vitamins B and E. Additionally, Little Hug Fruit Barrels' packaging has been updated to feature bright colors and a new brand logo.

In addition to new and improved formulas, there also is a new kiwi strawberry flavor in the original variety pack, which includes blue raspberry, fruit punch and grape drinks. What's more, the company also carries a tropical variety pack, which includes lemonade, tropical punch, fruit punch and orange, to appeal to the growing Hispanic population, ABC said.

"We at ABC wanted to announce to moms and kids that Little Hug Fruit Barrels are now a better fruit drink option for kids than ever," ABC VP marketing Tim Barr said. "Our two building blocks for our revitalization were the Little Hug brand's thirst-quenching great taste and the unique barrel shape."

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