Little Busy Bodies announces licensing agreement with P&G

CINCINNATI — Little Busy Bodies on Wednesday announced it has finalized a licensing agreement with Procter & Gamble. Under the agreement, Little Busy Bodies, creators of the popular Boogie Wipes, will make and market a line of saline-infused products under the Puffs brand.

Available this June, Puffs Fresh Faces is a moist saline tissue for adults. “When we first developed Boogie Wipes in 2007, we knew saline worked wonders when it came to cleaning and soothing stuffy noses. We also knew saline had positive effects on the skin and ultimately wanted to tap into that knowledge when the time was right,” said Julie Pickens, CEO of Little Busy Bodies. “Our partnership with P&G has really allowed us to build on the technology behind the use of saline for personal care and to realize our goal of taking moist saline wipes to the next level.”

Puffs Fresh Faces are built on the same quality foundation established by Pickens and her team of fellow moms. But different from kid-oriented Boogie Wipes, Fresh Faces can be used to remove makeup, clean or refresh the face after a long day or tough workout, and to take on sneezes and mucus-filled moments caused by colds, the flu and allergies.

Puffs Fresh Faces will be offered in Fresh Scent, Light Lavender, with a touch of Vicks and fragrance free. Puffs Fresh Faces will be available in 15-count packs for $1.99 and 45-count packs for $4.99. For more information, visit

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