Lip Smacker turning 40

WESTLAKE, Ohio — Lip Smacker is celebrating its 40th anniversary next year with an array of limited-edition flavors and promotions.

The Bonne Bell Co. made headlines in 1973 when it introduced Lip Smacker and created the flavored lip gloss category. While there are many Lip Smacker flavors sold worldwide today, the first fruity flavor to hit the market was strawberry.

Named by Jesse Bell, former CEO of The Bonne Bell Co., it was originally made as a lip gloss for the outdoor person, but there was no flavoring. In order to be different, the company’s chemists formulated the first flavored Lip Smacker. The Bonne Bell Co. became the first company to distribute a lip product of this type. Not only was the flavor innovative but also the stick size and concentration of the flavor were a first in the industry.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the company will roll out new limited-edition flavors, strawberry and cupcake lover collections, special consumer value promotions, as well as QR code links to historical ads, Lip Smacker trivia, monthly sweepstakes, special social media events and more.

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