Lip care falls by wayside among women, Blistex finds

OAK BROOK, Ill. — Almost all women take on at least one preventive health-and-wellness measure in the morning to start their day, but only half apply lip balm to protect their lips from dryness and sun damage.

In Blistex's grooming routine survey, the lip care brand found that even though 91% of women perform at least one measure that boosts their health and wellness (e.g., taking a vitamin, exercising and applying an anti-aging facial product), their lips often are abandoned, which could put them at risk for infection, Blistex said.

For instance, three-quarters of women (72%) apply sunscreen to their faces as part of their routine, but only 30% apply it to their lips. Blistex noted that lips, when unprotected, are at high risk of enduring sun damage since their thin outer layer has almost no melanin, the natural skin pigment that blocks the sun's harmful rays. Additionally, nearly 59% of respondents reported daily exposure to at least three different elements that include sun, dry air, wind and cold, yet only 44% said they apply lip balm in the morning before leaving the house.

"One way to ensure 'good-for-you grooming' is to protect the pout," according to Charles Zugerman, associate professor of clinical dermatology at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine. "It's no secret that lips are often forgotten, leaving the body susceptible to infection when they become chapped or cracked. Incorporating an all-weather, all-season lip balm into morning routines ensures daily protection and prevents damaging effects to the lips."

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