Links Medical launches diabetes meters for pets

IRVINE, Calif. – Links Medical Products Animal Health Group on Thursday announced the introduction of their new Pet Gluco blood-glucose monitoring system for dogs and cats.

"With diabetes in dogs and cats on the rise, we believe our new, easy to use Pet Gluco system is the cost-effective device veterinarians and those doing glucose monitoring of their pets at home will want to use," stated Patrick Buckley, president Links Medical Products. "Caring for pets with diabetes can become costly. Our new diabetic pet monitoring system will help alleviate some of that cost and provide the fast, sure results needed to effectively render care."

The Pet Gluco system offers veterinarians — plus those with diabetic dogs and cats at home — a fast, easy-to-use, affordable way to monitor their pets.

Pet Gluco is calibrated specifically for dogs and for cats. Other features include a large display where test results are visible within five seconds after insertion of the test strip, and a quick-eject button for easy disposal of strips.



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