Linking with vaccine specialist, GNP rolls out flu shot program for pharmacists

VALLEY FORGE, Pa. AmerisourceBergen’s retail pharmacy network, Good Neighbor Pharmacy, has allied with influenza vaccination specialty company CSL Biotherapies to provide community pharmacists with a promotional immunization kit to help increase the awareness of the importance of immunizations and vaccines.

The materials, which consist of in-store posters, prescription bag stuffers, buttons and flyers/incentives for companion sales items, will help to trigger conversations between patients and pharmacists about the importance of immunizations, according to GNP.

The project is co-sponsored by CSL, a subsidiary of a top global manufacturer of influenza vaccine, and by GNP, a network of more than 3,000 independently owned pharmacies serviced by AmerisourceBergen [ABC].

The campaign carries the tagline “Give It A Shot – Your Health Is Worth It.” Pharmacists in the GNP network are being offered an intensive education course to administer immunizations. Depending on their local regulations, they’ll be able to give flu shots and other immunizations on completion of the course.

“Good Neighbor Pharmacy is taking an active role in promoting good health with the immunization kit and we are pleased to partner with CSL Biotherapies,” said David Neu, ABC senior VP retail sales and marketing. “The community pharmacist plays an important role in taking care of your health; and our immunization program arms the pharmacist with one more tool to protect their patients.”

CSL is offering thimerosal-free flu vaccine in single dose, pre-filled syringes for the 2009 -10 season, said the company’s VP and general manager, Robert Lefebvre.

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