Limited-edition Jones Soda collection features So So Happy characters

SEATTLE — Jones Soda has partnered with a lifestyle brand to create a collection of limited-edition glass bottles.

In their limited-edition collection, Jones Soda and So So Happy teamed up to roll out four 12-oz. glass bottles that are adorned with four So So Happy characters. The bottles will be sold as four-packs and include one bottle of each flavor with accompanying So So Happy images on the label.

"Both Jones and So So Happy are known for creating fresh, irreverent products that appeal to a wide audience, from younger kids and teens to adults and beyond," Jones CEO William Meissner said. "It was a natural partnership, as both brands support the idea of individuality, and that really comes to life with this new line."

The Jones Soda/So So Happy bottles retail as a four-pack for $11.99 plus shipping and handling, and can be shipped anywhere within the United States and Canada.

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