Lil' Drug Store Products launches new ad campaign supporting RepHresh

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Lil' Drug Store Products on Monday will unveil a pair of new commercials to communicate how RepHresh Vaginal Gel can eliminate common, but embarrassing, feminine hygiene issues.  

“We understand that talking about feminine odor and discomfort is awkward for most women, sort of like placing a box of tampons on the checkout counter for all to see,” stated Kristin Stewart, director of marketing for RepHresh. “That’s why we took a unique approach with this new campaign. We want to educate women with an engaging, relatable message to ease the embarrassment on all levels.” 

In one commercial, a woman disguises herself with Groucho glasses and a mustache to discuss how vaginal pH imbalance can cause feminine odor. “The Groucho glasses are a lighthearted portrayal of both the way women want to hide when they have feminine odor and the way some feminine products try, unsuccessfully, to mask feminine odor,” Stewart said.  

The other commercial features a quintet of ballerinas representing various feminine hygiene products, including RepHresh Gel in the forefront. As the ballerinas attempt to balance “en pointe,” RepHresh dances on as the others fall in unballerina-like fashion. “Our research shows that women are becoming better educated about how important pH is to feminine health, but they are confused by the claims they see at the shelf,” Stewart noted. “They see products that are labeled pH-balanced and think these products are going to have an effect on their personal pH. We’re trying to expose this misconception. There is a big difference between a pH-balanced product and a product that truly helps a woman’s pH.” 

“These new TV commercials are a breakthrough in the feminine hygiene category,” commented George Kase of Chicago Film Works and creative director for the campaign. “Using a wry sense of humor to convey a confidence and approachability for the brand, these spots offer a solution to consumers in a way that demonstrates a clear understanding about the problem. At the same time, these ads differentiate RepHresh from competitors by speaking candidly and providing women a strong promise of solving their problem without just masking the issue.”

In a survey of 3,000 women 18 years and older, 54% said that they had experienced vaginal odor in the past 12 months, and 29% had suffered three or more times. Vaginal pH imbalance can occur for many reasons, including hormone fluctuations, intimacy, menstrual cycles, some personal care products, contraceptives, diet and stress. 



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