LifeScan launches telemedicine-enabled glucose meter

MILPITAS, Calif. — LifeScan on Monday introduced the new OneTouch VerioSync Meter, which uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly send blood sugar test results to devices using the OneTouch Reveal mobile app.

From the OneTouch Reveal mobile app’s summary screen, users can see their key information at a glance, including color-coded bar graphs showing the percentage of results within, above and below their personalized target ranges and 14-day averages of blood sugar readings. Individuals can also access a color-coded electronic logbook that automatically displays test results over a two-week period, as well as other features that allow them to enter and view information about carbohydrates consumed, physical activity and medication.  

And with the OneTouch Reveal mobile app’s data sharing feature, key information can be shared with healthcare professionals, caregivers or family members via text or email.

“When you consider how many of us rely on our smartphones on a daily basis, managing chronic illnesses such as diabetes is a promising area for mobile health applications,”  Jeremy Pettus, of the UCSD Department of Endocrinology, said. “It’s exciting to see true wireless communication brought to blood glucose monitoring. By helping patients to easily access, understand and share their blood sugar data via their iPhones, a system like the OneTouch VerioSync can help lead to better self-management and more productive conversations with their healthcare professionals."

The meter has an introductory promotional price of $19.99 and is available at the OneTouch online store and will also be available at,, and  



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