LifeScan introduces OneTouch Delica

MILPITAS, Calif. LifeScan last week introduced the new OneTouch Delica lancing system, a lancing product designed to provide more-comfortable blood-glucose testing.


For many individuals, the pain of lancing — which involves piercing the skin with a lancet to draw a small blood sample — can be a barrier. Of those people who quit testing their blood glucose each year, nearly 1-in-6 cite the pain of lancing as the reason, LifeScan reported.



“A device like the OneTouch Delica system can significantly reduce the pain of lancing for many people,” stated Marc Steinberg, diabetes specialist and LifeScan spokesman. “This can help them feel more comfortable about testing and makes it easier to get valuable information that can improve their day-to-day diabetes self management.”



In a clinical study of nearly 200 people with diabetes, 4-out-of-5 reported the OneTouch Delica lancing system was virtually painless and the most comfortable lancing device they have ever used. As many as 96% said it was easy to use and 84% reported that it was quiet, and provided a discreet lancing solution.



To provide improved comfort, the OneTouch Delica system features a new, proprietary 33-gauge lancet that is 40% thinner than current industry standard 28-gauge lancets. In addition, the system’s advanced glide control system precisely guides the lancet in a swift, straight motion that reduces vibration for a smoother lancing experience. It also features seven adjustable depth settings to allow for shallower fingertip punctures that may be less painful.


The OneTouch Delica lancing system has an estimated retail price of $19.99 and includes 10 lancets. 100-count OneTouch Delica lancets have an estimated retail price of $15.99. The system and lancets are covered by Medicare Part B and most private insurance plans.

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