LifeScan, Apple demonstrate prototype diabetes management software

MILPITAS, Calif. Johnson & Johnson’s LifeScan on Tuesday demonstrated a prototype diabetes management software application, integrating the company’s OneTouch blood glucose meters with the Apple iPhone and iPod touch products. LifeScan was one of a handful of companies invited by Apple to develop and preview innovative new applications at Apple's iPhone OS 3.0 software event, the company stated.

Using a modified OneTouch Meter, the prototype application demonstrated transmission of a blood glucose test result to the Apple iPhone. Once on the iPhone, test results were available for integration with other information in a series of user-friendly graphics, including the user's level of glucose control over time relative to targets established with his or her healthcare professional.

The application also will include a customizable food database to help users determine the amount of carbohydrates consumed during meals. Future applications also may include the capability for users to calculate a bolus insulin dose based on the last glucose result and the number of carbohydrates that will be consumed.

A demo of the new product functionalities is available at The LifeScan demo begins at approximately the 43 minute, 32 seconds mark.

The new OneTouch/iPhone application is in the early stages of development, the company noted.

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