LifeNexus introduces personal health card

BROOMFIELD, Colo. LifeNexus recently introduced its personal health card, a dual-purpose payment/loyalty card that comes equipped with an embedded microprocessor, the iChip, designed for an individually controlled health platform.


The personal health card can be used to maintain personal health records by securely transferring accurate information at the time and point of need. This will allow professionals access to a patient’s personal health record through card-based consumer authorization, which is both encrypted and password-protected.



The card is EMV-compliant and can be used at the retail pharmacy point of sale for medical/prescription data along with loyalty and/or payment features, LifeNexus noted.



The personal health record also can be directly linked to an unlimited number of disparate databases.



“This platform could offer a retailer a very unique healthcare platform, while enhancing loyalty and potentially prescription adherence,” the company stated. “Pharmacy is quickly becoming the front door to health care, and … an all-encompassing card program like the LifeNexus personal health card can help enhance the retailer's efforts to be that ‘gateway’ to good health care.”


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