Life…supplemented hosts live Web panel

WASHINGTON — The Council for Responsible Nutrition’s "Life…supplemented" team on Wednesday hosted the “Power Hour of Wellness Featuring Hungry Girl and Friends," a 60-minute streamed panel featuring diet, exercise and supplement experts.

The panel was moderated by “Hungry Girl” Lisa Lillien, a best-selling author and founder of a free, daily e-mail service, and featured registered dietitian Dave Grotto, certified personal trainer Andrea Metcalf and licensed naturopathic doctor Duffy MacKay of CRN. A playback of the panel is available for viewing at

There were 839 unique visitors during the broadcast, Judy Blatman, SVP communications, told Drug Store News. “[As of Thursday afternoon, there were more than] 2,300 people viewing at least some portion of the broadcast, and we expect this number to grow as we’ll keep it posted on our 'Life…supplemented' website for now so people can watch at their convenience, and as we consider other ways to share it.”

Questions from viewers included whether or not gummy vitamins were as efficacious as other vitamins, suggesting that parents were online asking either for themselves or their children. “The gummy vitamins can be just as good,” MacKay replied; however, he suggested consumers review the ingredient list before purchasing because there are certain nutrients, such as calcium, that are difficult to include in a gummy matrix. “It really has nothing to do with gummy versus capsule versus tablet,” he added. “It really has to do with the nutrients listed on the back” and the dietary supplement needs of that individual.

The live stream is all part of the "Life…supplemented" Wellness Challenge announced at the beginning of the year. Other components include the Three Pillars Health & Wellness Makeover Sweepstakes that runs Jan. 5 through March 5. The grand prize, valued at $10,000, includes one-on-one lessons on healthy cooking, a consultation with a registered dietitian — along with a year’s supply of vitamins and other supplements — and a gym membership, including personal training sessions.

A “Why You Want to be Well” interactive conversation will be posted on "Life…supplemented’s" Facebook page March 1 through March 31.

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