Let there be light: ShedRain's WalkSafe umbrella

PORTLAND, Ore. A new umbrella developed by ShedRain addresses pedestrian safety.

The WalkSafe umbrella features reflective material covering the panel points of the entire umbrella, ShedRain said. Light produced is approximately 500 candlepower, the equivalent of 500 standard lit candles.

“Carrying the WalkSafe umbrella is a new way for pedestrians to take safety into their own hands,” said Jeff Blauer, EVP business development for ShedRain. “Our design team came up with an innovative concept that is extremely effective.”

The WalkSafe umbrella comes in a variety of colors and sizes ranging from 40- and 42-in. arcs to 48-, 56- and 60-in. arcs. Distribution is geared to the mass trade, including food and drug chains, as well as sporting goods stores. Current distribution includes many retailers, including Wegmans and Walgreens in Oregon.

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