Legendary 1970s rock band fires off ‘picture condoms’

Kiss Kondoms to feature Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley

NEW YORK — Graphic Armor, in association with Kiss and Condomania, on Wednesday announced the release of Kiss Kondoms, FDA-approved "picture condoms" featuring a full color image on the latex.

Originally introduced in 2002 by Condomania, Kiss Kondoms were the first to display a color photographic image of a celebrity on both the condom wrapper and box, the company stated. The first of the new condoms will feature an image of Gene Simmons' iconic tongue. "Our decision to feature Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and the Kiss brand on these revolutionary condoms was a no-brainer considering Gene and Paul's worldwide legacy as entertainment icons and pioneers," stated Chris Panucci, CEO of Graphic Armor.

Kiss Kondoms will begin shipping in April. A second Kiss Kondom, "Studded Paul," featuring an image of Paul Stanley on textured latex, will be released by June 2011. The novelty Kiss Kondoms will be available in a three-pack box for $7.99.

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