LEAF Brands expands variety of Astro Pop sodas

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — LEAF Brands announced new Zero Calorie versions of their popular Astro Pop sodas, which were introduced in 2011. The line of sodas, made with real cane sugar and featured in glass bottles, quickly sold out when they first debuted.

Following the success of their cane sugar-sweetened version of its sodas, LEAF has launched three additional varieties: Zero Calorie Pineapple,  Zero Calorie Passion Fruit and Zero Calorie Cherry in response to a growing demand for naturally sweetened, zero-calorie products in the beverage category.

The Astro Pop Zero Calorie sodas are made with LEAF Brand's proprietary, all-natural, sugar-free blend called Ultrasweet.

''We created Ultrasweet since there wasn't a natural sugar substitute on the market which didn't leave a strange taste in one's mouth,'' LEAF CEO Ellia Kassoff said. ''We also wanted to create a sweetener which is 100% naturally derived without the GMO's found in other natural sweeteners.''

The sodas are sold in Rocket Fizz and other specialty stores nationwide, with later availability in larger retailers by year-end. Astro Pop sodas are currently sold in 12-oz. glass bottles with a suggested retail price of $1.69.

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