LDM network to deliver messages to Kmart pharmacists, patients

Mass merchandise retailer joins direct-messaging network

ST. LOUIS — Targeted healthcare communications company LDM Group is adding Kmart to its network, LDM said Friday.

As part of the network, Kmart will offer its PharmacistCare and CarePoints messaging systems to pharmacists and patients, with the goal of improving patients' medication adherence and overall health outcomes.

"Kmart has continuously shown that it represents a strong leader in the industry, and we are extremely pleased that they have joined our rapidly expanding retail network," LDM Group CEO Mark Heinold said. "Kmart's continued focus on operational effectiveness, combined with its desire to enhance patients' experiences in their pharmacies, will allow us to continue providing pharmacists and patients with trusted health information and ultimately improving overall health outcomes."

PharmacistCare allows pharmacists to stay abreast of new developments in the industry through direct messages in their workflow that they can communicate to patients. CarePoints are printed in real time — based on medication history and containing information about a patient's prescription and condition being treated — and distributed to the patient by pharmacy staff along with the patient's prescription.

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