Lansinoh's expanded brand offerings reflected with new mommy blog: OnCloudMom

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Lansinoh Labs on Wednesday introduced a major upgrade of its popular blog, now called OnCloudMom, to better reflect the company's extended consumer reach with the recent acquisitions of the Earth Friendly Baby and mOmma brands.

The new blog will give parents a place to find answers to many of their questions through each of their child’s developmental phases — from pregnancy through toddlerhood — while keeping a dedicated focus on breast-feeding resources for moms. The OnCloudMom blog community will give moms support as they prepare for life with an infant, provide the tools to tackle the first weeks of mothering, teach them how to promote their babies’ healthy development and provide a place to immerse themselves in all things mom.

“We first launched our blog in 2008 to share our expertise and personal experiences in breast-feeding while having the opportunity to engage and help women in an accessible online space,” stated Gina Ciagne, senior director of breast-feeding relations at Lansinoh Labs. “Since then it’s grown to be a core communication vehicle for our company and has extended to reach moms on Twitter and Facebook.”

OnCloudMom will continue to feature articles by and interviews with physicians and researchers who specialize in lactation. In addition, the blog will cover pediatrics, pregnancy and child development; the latest news and research relevant to pregnant women and moms of babies and toddlers; and contributions from moms who are going through the most common, and the most unique, new-parent challenges.

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