Lansinoh unveils Affinity double electric breast pump

ALEXANDRIA, Va. Lansinoh has introduced its latest breast-feeding tools in line with National Breast-feeding Awareness Month.

The new Lansinoh Affinity double electric breast pump allows breast-feeding mothers to provide breastmilk from both breasts simultaneously.

“For a breast-feeding mom who wants to continue to provide breastmilk for her baby upon returning to work, expressing her milk is necessary to keep up her milk supply and is one way that she can leave her milk behind for her baby,” said Gina Ciagne, certified lactation counselor and director of breast-feeding and consumer relations for Lansinoh. “Essentially, a pump is designed to mimic as closely as possible the way a baby feeds. It signals the body to release the milk by stimulation to the breast. Make no mistake, pumping can never completely replicate a baby feeding at the breast, though it is important that a pump be as efficient as possible to comfortably stimulate milk let-down.”

The breast pump carries a suggested retail price of $150 and is available at Walmart and other retailers nationwide.

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