Lansinoh makes donation to InfantRisk Center

ALEXANDRIA, Va. Lansinoh has made a donation to a center that will provide pregnant and breast-feeding women and their healthcare providers with accurate information and evidence-based counsel on medications that are safe to use and alternatives to drug-based treatments.

The $20,000 donation to InfantRisk Center at Texas Tech University in Amarillo, Texas, will provide mothers and mothers-to-be with information about specific prescription and over-the-counter medications, and will help further drive research on the effects of medications on pregnancies, breast-fed infants and their mothers, and, ultimately, will enhance babies’ health, Lansinoh said.

“It’s great that a resource like this will finally be available in the United States,” said Gina Ciagne, director of breast-feeding and consumer relations at Lansinoh. “The InfantRisk Center is going to be an excellent resource to help clear up any confusion and misinformation regarding medications and whether or not they are safe to use during pregnancy and lactation. Very often, moms are urged to stop breast-feeding because of a perceived conflict with a medication, but that is not always necessary. If the incidence of premature weaning from breast-feeding can be reduced because of information and support that the Center will provide, that will be a great victory.”

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