Lansinoh gives e-newsletter a makeover

ALEXANDRIA, Va. Lansinoh on Thursday launched its newly redesigned Nurture Notes, an e-newsletter dedicated to breastfeeding mothers.

Written as a resource for expectant and new moms, Nurture Notes are designed to answer some of the concerns or questions mothers may have when preparing for their baby’s arrival, especially related to breastfeeding.

“As natural as breastfeeding is, it does not always come naturally and moms can encounter challenges,” stated Gina Ciagne, certified lactation counselor and the director of breastfeeding and consumer relations for Lansinoh. “As many of us are either current or former breastfeeding and pumping moms, we know firsthand the roadblocks that moms can encounter on the road to breastfeeding both while pregnant and in the first days and months of motherhood. Nurture Notes can be her roadmap around these obstacles. When the going gets tough, they can turn to Nurture Notes for specifically timed tips, support, and resources.”

With a fresh, contemporary look, Nurture Notes features a helpful message commensurate with a particular week of pregnancy or the age of the baby, a Quick Tip, a Did You Know? section with a fact about breastfeeding, and a breastfeeding video, checklist, or product spotlight. They also are integrated with other sources of breastfeeding news and information, including the Lansinoh sponsored breastfeeding blog,, Gina’s Twitter handle, @GinaAtLansinoh, and the Lansinoh Facebook Fan Page. Lansinoh is committed to ensuring Nurture Notes include valuable, timely information that moms can rely on and trust.

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