Lansinoh debuts new Italian Momma brand

New line creates single-brand solution from birth to 2 years

BOSTON — Drug Store News editor-in-chief Rob Eder interviewed Lansinoh Labs VP sales Michelle McLaughlin here at NACDS Marketplace about the company’s leading position in the natural feeding category, and an exciting new line of products from Europe, which Lansinoh acquired this year and currently is launching to U.S. retailers.

Momma, Lansinoh’s new line of feeding accessories from Italy, brings style and function to the category, with brilliant colors and rounded shapes to help babies develop motor skills, McLaughlin told DSN.TV for a special video interview that will air on early next month.

Key features of the Momma line include:

  • Round shapes that are easy for babies to hold;
  • Playful, rocking movements that engage babies and encourage motor skill development;
  • Bright colors to attract babies’ attention;
  • Contemporary designs;
  • Hygienic covers and closures that make travel easy, and the round shape that eliminates contact with unsanitary surfaces; and
  • Nonslip materials that offer babies more control while learning to feed.

“Lansinoh has a proven history of raising the bar on the natural feeding category,” McLaughlin said, noting that 80% of new mothers now are initiating breast-feeding with their newborns, marking a major increase in recent years.

Certainly, Lansinoh, which has been a major pioneer of the space at retail, has played a key role in that growth. “Lansinoh brought natural feeding mainstream with the introduction of HPA Lanolin in 1985,” McLaughlin said, “and in 2000, we launched the first polymer-based disposable nursing pad, and we now have [more than a] 50% market share.”

With the addition of the Momma brand, the company now represents a solution for moms for the first two years of babies' lives.

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