Lake Consumer Products develops over-the-counter bacterial vaginosis treatment

JACKSON, Wis. Lake Consumer Products last week launched vH essentials BV treatment, a homeopathic vaginal tablet that provides relief from the odor, discharge and discomfort often associated with bacterial vaginosis.

According to the company, vH essentials BV treatment is the first over-the-counter BV symptom treatment product to be widely distributed through retail.

“We’re very excited about our new BV treatment because … we’re leading the charge in offering women easy and affordable access to treatment and prevention of the symptoms of this highly prevalent, but often lesser-known condition,” stated Mike Kermendy, VP marketing for Lake Consumer Products. “While women’s  awareness of yeast infections is often greater due to the vast assortment of over-the-counter treatments available to them, BV is actually estimated to be twice as common.”

The easiest way for a woman to differentiate BV from yeast infection is the presence or lack of vaginal odor, Kermendy noted. BV infections typically produce an unpleasant, potentially embarrassing odor while yeast  infections are usually odor free. Yeast infections are also more likely to be accompanied by painful itch and burning, while BV usually presents itself with very little or no burning or itch.

“Once a physician has made an initial diagnosis of BV, it’s usually pretty easy for women to make a self assessment if the symptoms reoccur,” Kermendy said.

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