La Vox Media Group launches Hispanic-centric health information site

MIAMI — La Vox Media Group on Monday launched, a site designed to provide Latinos with daily news and content to live a better life and improve their health. With a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of U.S. Latinos, Saludify is providing accurate, convenient and culturally relevant content that goes beyond what’s found in mainstream media. 

The Hispanic community represents significant growth opportunity for self-care companies. DSN recently spoke to Nielsen's Reny Diaz around the OTC opportunity. "With particular focus on OTC sales, domestically, we're looking at $1.2 billion out of a total $11.6 billion [attributed to] Hispanics," Diaz said. "What's interesting is there's almost $1 billion in Hispanic growth potential in that category."

“With this new site we show our commitment to catapulting Latino health issues to the forefront of American dialogue. Saludify is another building block in our strategy to serve Latino interests in specific niches,” stated Emilio Sanchez, president of La VOX Media Group, parent company of Saludify and VOXXI.

“There is a clear lack of culturally relevant health and wellness information available for Hispanic Americans. Saludify will inform and educate Hispanics by providing the non-biased information, resources and tools for mindful and healthier living,” commented Sandra Silva, managing editor of Saludify.

Saludify has tapped a network of Latino health and fitness experts and bloggers to cover important topics, the latest feature being an infographic titled, “Are Hispanics doomed?” that presents relevant stats about Latino health challenges, as well as putting into perspective The Hispanic Health Paradox.

Hispanics are one of the fastest growing minorities in the United States − representing more than 16% of the country’s population − and are disproportionally affected by heart disease, cancer, unintentional injuries, stroke, diabetes, chronic liver disease, chronic lower respiratory disease, perinatal conditions and influenza among other conditions. Saludify’s motto is mind, body and alma (soul), which is in line with its mission to create content that is specifically tailored to this important and underserved demographic.

Saludify is part of the La VOX Media Group that owns VOXXI, the premier independent platform for Hispanic news, analysis and commentary that was launched last year to fill the Latino void in mainstream media.

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