L.A. Times article on Rx information draws response from NACDS

ALEXANDRIA, Va. A group representing the drug retailing industry has responded to an article published in the Los Angeles Times regarding pharmacy's role in providing patients with information on their prescription medications.

The National Association of Chain Drug Stores on Wednesday utilized its Rapid Response program -- which emphasizes pharmacy’s role as the face of neighborhood health care and clarifies inaccuracies or misperceptions in the media or in other sources --  to address the article's implication that pharmacies do not always provide prescription-drug information to patients, citing a study published in Archives of Internal Medicine. NACDS president and CEO Steve Anderson, however, addressed the newspaper in a letter to the editor, stating that pharmacy is working with the government to "provide enhanced user-friendly information to patients about their prescription drugs."

The NACDS leader went on to say that its organization has worked closely with the Food and Drug Administration to develop a "one-document solution" that could "enhance communications with patients about their medications."

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