La Senza to carry VS beauty line

MONTREAL La Senza has announced that the Victoria’s Secret Beauty line will now be available exclusively in La Senza lingerie stores throughout Canada.

“We are very excited to be introducing the Victoria’s Secret Beauty line into Canada,” stated Laurence Lewin, president and co-founder of the La Senza Corp. “This arrangement is ideal for La Senza and Victoria’s Secret Beauty and the line coordinates perfectly with the image of La Senza and offers our customers an outstanding shopping experience. This is a volume business.”

The line is comprised of lip glosses and eyeshadows, as well as a body care collection and two fragrances. Earlier this year, La Senza launched a 10-store market test in key areas throughout the country. The six-month trial was successful and did not dilute La Senza’s core business.

Victoria’s Secret Beauty will have a dedicated zone in each store. As of October, Victoria’s Secret Beauty products will be available in Canada exclusively at all La Senza and La Senza Express stores.

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