L’Oreal announces launch of philanthropic foundation

PARIS Beauty giant L’Oreal has launched its corporate foundation, the company’s chairman recently announced.

The L’Oreal Corporate Foundation, which emphasizes three key causes, is set to consider realistic ways to give back to the public, the foundation’s chief executive officer, Beatrice Dautresme, said last month. By encouraging education, promoting scientific research, and helping those in need, L’Oreal chairman Sir Lindsay Owen-Jones said, the company’s philanthropic efforts have reached a new milestone.

“It [the foundation] is an additional step in our determination to look beyond our economic success towards a broader notion of social responsibility,” Owen-Jones said.

Some of the efforts include collaborations with such groups as Hairdressers Against AIDS, The “Meaning of Beauty” program and “Look Good, Feel Better,” all of which fulfill the company’s three causes.

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