Kroger's helps define mom demographic

Site launched in July

CINCINNATI — Kroger on Tuesday revealed results of its "Kroger Comforts Moms" survey to help understand the mindset of moms with young children.

"These findings capture the essence of modern-day motherhood in this country in all its bliss and chaos," stated Paula Andruss, a mother of three and the official 'Chief Comforts Mom' on Kroger's, a website designed specifically for mothers of young children.  "For moms and dads alike, our days are demanding, but our kids also have a way of reminding us of how special these days truly are."

When asked what the most hectic time of the day is, 43% of the responding mothers said mornings, followed by the evening bed time routine (35%). While most moms try to keep their children on a schedule, 1-in-2 (50%) said outside activities and social commitments are what wreak havoc on their schedules. And even among employed mothers, outside activities are still the biggest barrier to keeping a schedule (46%), while 1-in-4 (27%) pointed to work as the biggest hurdle.

"We hope that mothers of young children also will look to Kroger's new website, which is available in both English and Spanish," Andruss said. "The site not only contains a cross section of original content — parenting tips, product information and so on — but it also is a place where moms can share experiences with one another. So for those mothers who want to learn from the experience of others, can be a valuable online forum."

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