Kroger discontinues needle-free flu vaccine offering

Decision made based on new FDA guidance

CINCINNATI — Kroger has discontinued offering needle-free clinical devices to administer flu vaccinations at all pharmacies and The Little Clinic locations.

Kroger said that its decision was based on guidance from the Food and Drug Administration that advised healthcare professionals not to use needle-free clinical devices to administer flu shots.

Kroger said it is seeking guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and the FDA regarding revaccinations.

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- 8:37 PM
Jesse_EngAmer says

"FDA-approved vaccines have information in their labeling about how they should be administered, but doctors and other health professionals can opt for "off-label" use of medications if they believe it is in the best interest of their patients" This is a perfect example of the FDA working in the interests of Big Pharma and not the American public. The PharmaJet Jet Injector had been cleared for general use and its makers were coerced into pulling their product due to it's use with brand-name products. If it were dangerous at all, off-brand or on-brand it'd be outright banned. This is FDA working for profit.

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