Kroger celebrates Daytona 500 50th anniversary with largest NASCAR promotion ever

CINCINNATI Kroger is hoping that their shoppers think NASCAR when they shop in one of its many stores.

Kroger and 50-plus brands are carrying what is being considered the largest promotion for NASCAR ever.

The brands, which include goods from General Mills, ConAgra, Kellogg and PepsiCo, will be sporting the Daytona 500 race logo in honor of the event’s 50th anniversary.

Kroger is one of the largest grocers in the United States with 2,500 stores in 37 states.

The retail effort will run for seven months, according to reports.

From accessories to soft drinks, nearly every product category will be under the promotional umbrella via newspaper circulars and advertisements in-store and in the media.

Kroger will also roll out NASCAR displays and host appearances by drivers.

According to the ISC, the Daytona 500 generated 30 million viewers last year, it was sold out attendance-wise, and a 30-second spot during broadcasts cost $500,000. Corporate sponsors of the 50th anniversary race run the gamut from Holiday Inn to Gatorade.

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