Krill oil hooks consumers

Awareness around the benefits of krill oil versus fish oil — being just as effective with a lesser amount and the possibility that krill oil may leave more EPA and DHA in the body to be absorbed, according to two clinicals published in 2011 — may be a hot topic in 2012. The revitalized Schiff company will be increasing its support of its MegaRed krill oil supplement to as much as 24% of sales in 2012. And Pharmavite in 2011 launched its NatureMade Krill Oil as a new source of omega-3 fatty acids coupled with the antioxidant astaxanthin. Perhaps the biggest consumer benefit associated with krill oil: No fishy aftertaste.


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- 4:21 AM
jenningsroger64 says

No doubt, Krill Oil is an Omega 3 powerhouse and can supply a lot of essential Vitamins to our body, but krill is currently the sustaining organism of the Antarctic’s entire ecosystem.. Killing Krills for this purpose can change the balance of this ecosystem.

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