Kozy Shack makes its way to retail with Coffeehouse Blends, SmartGels

BOSTON—DSN editor Rob Eder, suffering through week four on the Caveman Diet, almost threw in the towel when confronted with Kozy Shack’s newest temptations. Available now for the food service industry — but coming soon to a MAJOR retailer near, well, everybody — is Kozy Shack’s new Coffeehouse Blends pudding. The gluten-free treat comes in three flavors: caffe latte, cappuccino and caramel macchiato.

And currently making its way to retail is Kozy Shack’s new SmartGels, which uses a natural vegetarian-based (carrageenan) ingredient to create a Kosher, gluten-free alternative to gelatin-based desserts. Available in convenient 3.5-oz grab-n-go cubs, SmartGel flavors include orange and sugar-free orange, strawberry and sugar-free strawberry, tropical and sugar-free tropical and cherry.

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