Kodak to implement PYNK system at CVS/pharmacy stores nationwide

ROCHESTER, N.Y. Eastman Kodak Co. has announced that CVS/pharmacy is offering the new Kodak PYNK smart print system, which is a new concept in premium photo products.

CVS/pharmacy will begin wide-scale installations in 5,000 of its U.S. retail locations in early December. Kodak expected to complete the PYNK system rollout for CVS/pharmacy in time for the holiday gifting season.

PYNK is a patent-pending technology that marries photos to the "photo holder." Kodak has created a "print to fit system" that breaks down design barriers and makes both printing and framing a matter of a few button presses. The PYNK system gives consumers professional-looking, framed collages in seconds at any PYNK-ready Kodak picture kiosk. There's no need for cropping, cutting, laying out and taping photos, according to Kodak -- Kodak's intelligent software does it all at the kiosk.

In July, Kodak and CVS/pharmacy completed a trial of the PYNK smart print system at more than 30 CVS/pharmacy stores in Westchester County, N.Y.

"CVS/pharmacy has always been a bold first mover in photo center innovation, with a keen eye on products that really capture consumers' attention," stated Nicoletta Zongrone, GM retail systems solutions and VP Eastman Kodak Co. "It was the world's first national retailer to offer both Kodak picturovie DVDs and photo books, and we are proud to partner with them once again to introduce our newest innovation."

How it works: CVS/pharmacy customers select a PYNK smart print system-ready product, enter the six-digit PYNK product ID number at a PYNK-ready Kodak picture kiosk and watch as the Kodak PYNK smart print is printed to fit the product. Selected photos automatically are cropped, sized, arranged and printed on one sheet to fit the frame or mat.

Consumers can choose from a variety of collage frames and mats that can be used in many existing frames. PYNK smart print-ready frames come with a unique product ID card so consumers simply can bring the ID card back to the store and enter the product ID number into the PYNK-ready Kodak picture kiosk. The kiosk will know what frame or mat the consumer has at home and will layout and print the pictures to match.

Kodak PYNK smart print-ready products at CVS/pharmacy retail for $3.99 to $14.99, and will have both on-shelf and on-package indicators, including the Kodak PYNK smart print-ready logo, to signal their compatibility with the Kodak PYNK smart print system.

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