Kmart's decision to open Thanksgiving morning sparks consumer backlash

Shoppers take to retailer's Facebook page to complain about extended holiday shopping hours announced Monday

NEW YORK — From Sears Holdings' perspective, opening Kmart stores on the morning of Thanksgiving gives customers a convenient way to shop for holiday gifts. But many customers see things differently, and the retail giant is taking some flak for the decision.

Since the announcement Monday that Kmart stores would open at 6 a.m. on Thanksgiving and remain open until 11 p.m. on Black Friday, the retailer's Facebook page has been flooded with critical comments from users, saying that opening on Thanksgiving deprives employees of the ability to spend the holiday with their families. Sears stores will also open on Thanksgiving, but not until 8 p.m.

"I am a loyal Kmart customer. In fact, I drive past Target to go to Kmart. That will change now that Kmart will be open on Thanksgiving. You will be responsible for turning Thanksgiving into just another day instead of the hallowed American day on which our nation gives thanks … Good bye Kmart," wrote Sarah Scova Klug in a comment on a post from the retailer advertising its Personal Shopper service for members of the Shop Your Way loyalty program.

Kmart has responded to the negative reaction by saying it will staff stores with volunteers and seasonal employees whenever possible, though according to the Huffington Post, an employee of the retailer in the Chicago area posted a photograph of a flier at the store saying that no requests for time off would be given for Nov. 27-29 or Dec. 22-24.



- 2:26 AM
roseallende says

The employee that submitted the picture is right, there is no such thing as volunteers and seasonal employees to only work during holidays. Signs are really posted for employees to see and to restrain from requesting time off during the dates specified. Other then that schedules are done in advance and employees are expected to follow them. Very sad, but true.

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