Kmart drops cost of flu shot to $10

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. In a preemptive strike at the opening of the mid-winter flu season, Kmart Corp. has dropped the price of an in-store flu shot to $10 at most of its roughly 1,100 pharmacies.

The discount-priced flu shots will be offered in most stores with remaining flu vaccine supply while supplies last, the company said. The price in California, Hawaii, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Wyoming may be slightly higher due to state regulations.

“Flu season is in full swing, and it can strike at any time, so we are lowering prices to encourage more people to do what they can to protect themselves,” said Mark Doerr, vice president of Kmart Pharmacy. “While the flu season has not been as severe as some recent years, the latest CDC updates report that flu activity is on the rise.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, flu season can last until May, Kmart noted.

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