Kleenex tells Olympic fans to “let it out” in new documentary

DALLAS The Kleenex brand, whose facial tissues are the “Official Supplier for the 2008 U.S. Olympic team,” has announced plans to produce a 40-minute documentary called “Let It Out: The Movie.” The documentary is slated to feature historic moments of the Olympic Games, which the company calls “let it out” moments as a tool for inspiration to the viewing public.

According to published reports, the documentary is part of a Kleenex’s marketing plan beginning last year, in which consumers are told to “let it out,” the term referring to releasing emotions, and the way they would do that is with Kleenex facial tissues.

Not only will the documentary feature historic Olympic moments but will also ask fans to recount their favorite Olympic moments and “let out” the emotions that they felt when witnessing them. Fans are said to be the “stars” of the movie, and the angle will be family based, since statistics show that many people watch the games with their families.

Anya Shmidt, Kleenex brand manager explains, “America is primed to ‘let out’ emotions in support of current and legendary Olympic athletes and to share these emotions with others,” she said. “With [the movie], we are providing the public the canvas to revel in these memories and emotions and let them out. We are thrilled to embark on such a unique and exciting journey with the help of Olympic Games fans from across the U.S. in honor of the 2008 Games.”

Three-time medalist Julie Foundy will be the spokesperson for the program, and will be traveling and retelling her favorite personal “let it out” moments as well.

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