Kiss My Face gears up for summer with latest sun care products

NEW YORK — Natural personal care brand Kiss My Face has developed a new range of sun care products that use antioxidant defenders vitamin C and E, green tea, goji berry extract, olive oil, shea butter and aloe to provide a hydrating defense against the sun’s damaging rays.  

Furthermore, Kiss My Face has introduced a new any angle Air Powered Spray, available in select products, that delivers sunscreen without the use of chemical propellants. These are ideal for those hard-to-reach areas.

Kiss My Face also is expanding upon its specialty sun offerings with the new Tattoo Shade, a formula designed to keep tattoos looking sharp with its protective skin shield. In addition, the new Kiss My Face Sensitive Side SPF 30 offers 3-in-1 protection for sensitive skin with three times the hydrating protection. The sun care range also utilizes nature’s moisturizer nurtured from safflower seeds. The hydresia formula has been added to Kiss My Face’s Sun Spray Lotions for 2014.    

Kiss My Face sun care products utilize natural mineral sun blocking agents, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide and effective sunscreens to provide full broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. The Kiss My Face sun range is free of parabens, oxybenzone and artificial fragrances. New products include:

  • Bare Naked SPF 30 Air Powered Body Mist ($15.99);
  • Cool Sport with Any Angle Air Powered Spray SPF 50 ($16.99); 
  • Kids Defense with Air Powered Spray SPF 50 ($16.99);
  • Sun Spray Lotion with Hydresia SPF 30 ($15.95 for 8 oz. and $21.99 for 14 oz.) and SPF 50 ($16.99 for 8 oz.);
  • Sun Spray Oil SPF 30 ($15.99);
  • Sensitive Side SPF 30 ($12.95 for 4 oz. and $3.99 for .75 oz.);
  • Tattoo Shade SPF 30 ($9.99);
  • After Play Air Power Crème ($11.99); and
  • Kids Defense Mineral SPF 30 ($14.99)
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