King of Shaves returns to U.S. market with new Hyperglide razor

NEW YORK — After a two-year hiatus, U.K.’s King of Shaves is back in action and ready to change the manscape of the industry with its new launch Hyperglide razor now available at Target and

After four years of research and development, the brand has unveiled the “just add water” razor. It features a water-activated, self-lubricating cartridge that creates its own HydroGel, allowing the user to shave by just adding water. The innovation was originally developed by a U.K. university tech spin-out for use in the medical device industry to aid the easy insertion of catheters into arteries with minimal invasive friction.

“Launching Hyperglide is an iPhone moment for us,” stated founder and CEO Will King. “Competitor razors require a shave prep — gel, foam or cream — to deliver a comfortable and close shave whereas with Hyperglide, water does the hard work. I view our competitors as stuck in the ‘mechanical button phone’ era — pressing on with the old, while we pioneer the new — ‘just add water and shave.’ It’s taken four years and a $8.2 million investment to develop and perfect this technology, which is a genuine shaving world first.”

The new King of Shaves Hyperglide launched in January and is priced at $12.49 for a handle with one cartridge and $12.49 for a three-cartridge replacement pack.



- 3:15 PM
willking says

We are DELIGHTED to be back in the USA. Having been there since 2000 courtesy, Target, followed by listings with CVS/pharmacy, Duane Reade et al, our hiatus between 2011-13 was really upsetting for us, following the fall-out in what we'd hoped would be a great distribution partnership. We look forward to rebuilding our brand with drugstore chains nationwide, and full details on KoS and the USA can be found at shave dot com forward slash USA. Thanks for your support, Will King.

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