King Kullen implements NuVal nutrition scoring system

Rolled out in all stores

BETHPAGE, N.Y. — New York-based supermarket retailer King Kullen announced that it is partnering with NuVal to provide customers with better insight of what foods they should be eating.

NuVal's nutrition scoring system — in which store items receive a NuVal score from 1 to 100, making it easy for consumers to compare the overall nutrition of the foods they buy at a glance — will be implemented in all of King Kullen's stores, which are located throughout Long Island and Staten Island.

King Kullen co-president J. Donald Kennedy said, “Through this partnership, NuVal and King Kullen will help customers learn how to live better, more nutritious lifestyles. By putting NuVal scores on our shelves, we’re giving our shoppers the ability to instantly find and ‘trade up’ to more nutritious items within each food category."

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